Saturday, 26 January 2008

In the Begining 2003

Hi this is my first blog . i hope you all will enjoy looking and reading my views on life modelling. it all began in the summer of 2003 , that was the year of the matrix lol , I was in college studying HND graphic design. I wake up one morning and and felt a need to be naked. I won't consider myself a nudist but i enjoyed the thought of being nude and respected. When i found out about RAM register artist models i thought i needed to fill out a application form to be a life model but the person told me i would have to audition . I got nervous and had second thoughts. Anyway i was practising poses in the mirror till my audition day in march of 2004 by now i was confident enough to go out there.

When i got to the place the person that holding the class was already there she looked at me and said ' are you nervous' I replied a little. As i got change i didn't bring a towel with me so i waited in the changing room till she said ' Matthew you can come out now ' When the audition was over i thought i failed then the person told me i didn't failed , people only fail, when they can't hold a pose or have second thoughts about being naked and walk out .

A lady wearing all black approached me on my break and asked if i could model for her life drawing class , i said YES .and the rest is history !

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